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Chocolate Chip Cookie/Brownie “Abomination”, Plus a Question

Cookie and Brownie Bars 045

I hope everyone had a happy, safe Fourth of July (or Canada Day, or any other holiday) this week, preferably full of yummy food!  I had a great time at my grandparents’ farm.  When I go there, I always end up sitting around talking to my grandma for hours, which is so much fun.  She always makes me feel better about my kitchen mishaps!  This trip I also got to see an old family friend, who was famous for being “Smokey the Bear” at the Wisconsin State Fair for several years, and spent a good bit of time chopping firewood.  Except that by “chopping firewood” I really mean “pushing a lever on a log-splitting machine because a bunch of stuff was too big to chop by hand and there’s no way my family would ever trust me with an axe or chainsaw”.  But that’s a different problem for a different time…

In any event, this week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe was chosen by Karen of Karen’s Cookies Cakes & More.  She chose the Brown Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream, which sounds absolutely amazing, but I don’t have an ice cream maker, so I sat this one out.  Check out the blogroll to see the other SMS’ers success stories!

Since I didn’t do this week’s recipe, I’ll post this one instead!  A while ago I was trying to brainstorm a way to make cookies using a boxed brownie mix.  Why?  I have no idea, it just sounded really good, and I know you can use cake mixes to make cookies, so why not brownie mixes?  I still haven’t figured out a way to do that, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!  Or if you know of any brownie-like cookie recipes?  I’m really looking for that crinkly skin that brownies get, which I love.  Anyway, as I was trying to explain this to Mike, he asked why I couldn’t just combine a brownie and a cookie and make a seriously awesome bar.  Hmm… why does that sound familiar?  Oh, because the TWD bakers did just that several weeks ago!  When I went back to look at what everyone thought of the recipe, though, there seemed to be a lot of issues with the baking times, and I was a little bit scared to mess with it, so I decided to keep looking.  Fortunately, Bakerella has a really similar recipe, but made super simple by using boxed mixes- and look, my search comes full circle!

I’m going to say now, though, that while I liked these, and a week later they were still really moist, I really hated the cookie dough mix.  No offense to Bakerella, who I think does amazing (and adorable) work!  But it was almost impossible to get everything mixed in, and the dough was really soft and felt oily.  I will definitely make these again, but next time I will use my own cookie dough recipe.  I’ll still use the boxed brownie mix because- big confession here- I haven’t found any brownie recipe I like as well as fudge boxed mixes.  Please don’t revoke my baker badge!  Without any further rambling (and before everyone finds their old torches and pitchforks)…  The recipe- oh, and my question at the end of the post.

Cookie and Brownie Bars 008

Your ingredients.  How easy is this!  There was also some water that didn’t make its way into the picture.  Really complex here 😉

Cookie and Brownie Bars 022

Mix up your brownie batter following the directions on the back of the box, and pour it into a greased 9×13 pan.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Cookie and Brownie Bars 028

Mix your cookie dough following the instructions, or use your own recipe.  I think the dough actually looks oily in the picture, but that might just be me being delusional.  Or a crummy picture.

Cookie and Brownie Bars 029

Take small pieces of the cookie dough and put them in the brownie batter, pressing down slightly.  Don’t worry about covering the whole thing, there will be some gaps.  I still had a little bit of dough left over at this point, but thought it was good enough.

Cookie and Brownie Bars 033

Mind the gap!

Cookie and Brownie Bars 034

Bake them for 35-40 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  Mine were done right at 35 minutes, and maybe could have been taken out a tiny bit early, but ever since my oven ate the oven thermometer, I’m not quite sure how accurately it’s running.

Bakerella covered hers with a chocolate ganache, which sounded heavenly, but I thought these would be chocolate-y enough without it, and I think they’re great on their own.  As Mike said, “I’d call them an abomination, but they’re so good!”

Chocolate Chip Cookie/Brownie “Abomination”

courtesy of Bakerella

One box of fudge brownie mix (to fit a 9×13 inch pan), or a batch of your favorite batter

One pouch chocolate chip cookie mix, or a batch of your favorite dough

Whatever fixin’s go into making said batter and dough

1.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.  Mix your brownie batter and pour it into a greased 9×13 inch pan.

2. Mix your cookie dough.  Drop by teaspoonfuls on top of brownie batter and press on them slightly.  However, if the dough is sinking to the bottom right when you drop them in, try flattening the dough into disks to help it “float” better.

3.  Bake for 35-40 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the bars comes out clean.

4.  After letting them cool, you can cover the bars with chocolate ganache if you’d like, or just eat them straight out of the pan.  For breakfast, if your little heart so desires! (Hi Mom!  I have never eaten these for breakfast.  Ever.)

And now my odd question.  I made chicken and noodles for dinner, but halved the recipe.  Unfortunately, since you cook a whole chicken, I now have half of a cooked chicken, which I ended up shredding on impulse.  Does anyone have any idea for recipes I could make that would call for half of a shredded chicken?  Is anyone grossed out that I asked this question while you were thinking about chocolate?  Sorry about that…  Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Sweet Melissa Sundays: Butterscotch Cashew Bars

Butterscotch Cashew Bars 007

This week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe was chosen by Pamela of Cookies with Boys.  She’s in several different cooking groups, and does such a wonderful job introducing me to new recipes through them, plus her pictures just make me hungry!  Check her out!

I started summer school this week, so the first few days were chaotic as I set my schedule and learned all about Hinduism, a 4000 year old religion, in four hours!  I decided to quarter this recipe and make it on Friday, but as I was driving home from the grocery store and looking at the green-ish sky, tornado sirens started going off, the skies opened up and it started pouring, and I got a text message from the University that a tornado was about to hit campus!  So instead, I spent Friday night hiding in the basement of Mike’s frat house (even though he’s, um, in California).  Fortunately, the tornado missed us, so we kept power and the only damage has been a bunch of fallen tree limbs.  Up by my parents, people are still without power, and one building lost its roof!

Butterscotch Cashew Bars 008

Later Friday night, my good friend (and future roommate) Christian invited me to an annual fishing derby his family had on Saturday.  I didn’t have to bring anything, but offered to make this anyway.  I was really happy with how quickly it came together, and despite forgetting to prick the shortbread with a fork, it didn’t puff up on me.  The only problem was that the butterscotch wouldn’t firm up!  I even put it on the floor as I was driving and pointed the AC towards the foot vents, but no luck.  Add to that the 85 degree weather, and we had runny butterscotch the whole time.  No one minded, though, and I really liked these.  I was really glad for the salty cashews, or I think it might have been too sweet.  Everyone liked them, though, and I even won the award for “Best Dessert” with these!  Good thing, too, because I certainly didn’t win the fishing derby!  The three-year-old caught more fish than I did!  I did catch some serious UV rays, though, I’m burnt to a crisp!

Butterscotch Cashew Bars 013

My certificate!  Apparently when you combine senior-citizen-hearing and my “Northurn ak-sint”, my name becomes “Jan” 🙂

Check out what the other SMS’ers thought of this week’s recipe by checking the blogroll.

Butterscotch Cashew Bars 010Oh, and Mom, the corn’s doing fine.  Apparently some farmer’s claiming that he’s going to have sweet corn by July 10th.  And for people not familiar with U of I, the town really is in the middle of nowhere corn and soybean fields.  This was about half an hour from campus, but once you get about 5 miles from campus it starts to look like this.


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