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I’m Baaaack!

Hey folks!  Sorry about that really long absence, I wasn’t planning for things to work out that way.  I really just intended to take off the week I had finals/moved, but ended up not blogging while I was at home.  See, down at U of I the apartment rental companies have their move-out dates set for the end of summer school, August 9th this summer.  Then they give themselves a week or two to clean out the apartments, make necessary repairs, etc., and the move-in date for new residents is about 1-2 weeks later.  It’s great for the companies, not so great for students who have to move somewhere for a week and a half.

Because of these rules, I spent a week and a half at my parents house, catching up with high school friends and going to cookouts and reveling in the majesty that is Chicago news.  For example, a 20-year-old Blackhawks player beat up a cab driver in New York over 20 cents, people are still freaking out about the “Clout Goes to College” scandal, and there were a series of arsons in churches (one of those is actually an episode of Law & Order, can you guess which one?).

Anyway…  I’m really sorry for being such a flake for so long!  I now have many hundreds of posts sitting in my Google reader to check up on, so hopefully this week I’ll be getting back to blogging and commenting and not completely ignoring Sweet Melissa Sundays.  I’m really looking forward to this week’s recipe, too- and my pick is next month!!!  Oh, and I’m looking forward to, you know, taking classes and such.  I actually have a really open schedule, which will help me with working for a disabled law student and studying to repeat the LSAT next month.  Wait… what happened to all that time I thought I had?



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Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow…

Hey guys, I won’t be posting or commenting this week, sorry!  I have my final exams/papers on Friday, and I’m moving on Saturday, so I’m a little swamped!  I’ll be back next week, when I’ll be posting this week’s SMS recipe.  Have a good week, everyone!


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