I’m going to be completely honest, there’s no recipe in this post.  Just a quick thought.  See, this evening after dinner I dropped by the grocery store with Mike.  We were looking to rent a movie (they have one of those movie box rental thingies) and I needed more strawberries for this week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe.  We got the two things we need, but we also got…

Raspberry Porn! 006

A completely unholy amount of raspberries.  Why, you ask?  Because they were on sale, 10 for $10.  I nearly wet myself I was so excited (ok, not really).  A half pint container around here is usually $3-4, even this time of year!  And boy, oh boy, do I have plans for these babies!  A couple of them will go into another Raspberry Buttermilk Cake to take to my grandparents’ this weekend, a few of them will be given to my parents this weekend, maybe a couple to my grandparents, and Mike has very nicely asked for raspberry preserves, so I think I’ll use a few to make a small batch of preserves.

Or I might just eat them all straight out of the containers.  I haven’t really decided.

If you live in the area of one, I got them at Schnucks.  I think they’re only in Central Illinois and the St. Louis area, but I could be wrong.  Also, the raspberry sale wasn’t advertised, so maybe it’s just the store by my apartment?  Still, can’t hurt to check!



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5 responses to “Giddy

  1. wow! There’s no chance I could have passed up that offer! I’ve just made a chocolate and raspberry tray bake that was utterly to die for! Oh, I love raspberries!

    Katie xox

  2. Katie, that sounds really good! I love chocolate and raspberries together! I’m really excited about the chocolate raspberry torte for SMS- I actually already made it, but I’m looking forward to a chance to do it again.

  3. pampinnav

    That, my friend, is a real bargain! Smart move! Enjoy.

  4. I’ve been known to do the exact same thing (just ask hubby) :o) Good for you. Will you use the SMS recipe to make the raspberry preserves? Let me know how it turns out.

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