SMS: Whole Orange Poppyseed(less) Cake

Whole Orange Poppyseed(less) Cake 015

Whew!  After a crazy fun weekend with my friend Dana, who came to visit, it took me a couple days to get caught up on schoolwork, sleep, all those important little details.  And laundry.  Which is why I’m just getting around to posting this week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe, and why I’ll be quick.  Our recipe this week was chosen by Melissa of Lulu the Baker.  She’s such a sweet person, just celebrated her blog-iversary, and has a super cute site (or maybe that’s just my love of polka dots talking).  Anyway, check her out, and you can also find the recipe for this cake there.

Whole Orange Poppyseed(less) Cake 003

I was really happy with how easy this recipe was- the hardest part was splitting the batter evenly, as I made three mini loaf pans.  They were 3 inches by 5 3/4 inches, and took 27 minutes to bake.  I chose to omit the poppy seeds, becasue they’re not my favorite thing in the world, and also because I didn’t have any.  The only other little change I made was to use some simple syrup I already had in place of the syrup we were supposed to make with orange juice.  I didn’t think the orange taste in this bread was as strong as I had expected, so next time I think I’ll actually use the orange syrup, or maybe a little bit of orange extract in the batter.  However, the orange I used in the batter didn’t have that super strong orange smell when I cut it, so it might have just been the orange.

Whole Orange Poppyseed(less) Cake 017

All in all, though, I really enjoyed this.  It was more dense than I expected, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  I loved how citrus-y it made my apartment smell, and I was happy with how well it divided into three loaves.  I have one out now, and I think I’m going to take the other two home this weekend, one for my parents and one for my grandparents.  I wonder what could be mixed in mixed in with this besides poppy seeds?

Check out the rest of the SMS’ers at the blogroll and see what everyone else is up to.  And if you’re interested, we’re baking out of the Sweet Melissa Baking Book by Melissa Murphy- you should really go pick up a copy!



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7 responses to “SMS: Whole Orange Poppyseed(less) Cake

  1. Your bread looks great! Reading all the posts is making me want another loaf! 🙂

  2. Lucky you, I wish I still had leftovers. Your cake looks fantastic, I loved how this smelled when it was baking!

  3. This did smell great while baking. I bet you could mik in some chocolate chips (orange and chocolate sounds good to me) or some nuts?

  4. hotovenwarmheart

    Hi Jen!

    I love that you used the mini loaf pans… there’s just something so darn cute about those baby loaves! Thanks for including the baking time- I’m gonna make a note of it in my book so that I can give it a try that way next time! And I agree with Spike- mini chocolate chips would be a fun mix-in that I think would pair really well with the orange… sort of like chocolate covered orange peel!

    I’d love for you to check out my cake if you get a chance! Hope you’re doing well and I’ll talk to you after this coming week’s SMS postings!


  5. Great job, I can’t wait to make another loaf.

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  7. I’m sorry it has taken me so freakin’ long to comment! Lovely bread. Thanks for baking with me that week so long ago!!

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