SMS: Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies 011

This week’s recipe was chosen by Megan of My Baking Adventures.  In addition to being a wonderful baker, blogger, and a mom, she’s going to Disneyland this week!  I know I’m jealous!  Thanks for a fantastic pick, Megan.

Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies 004

These cookies came together very easily.  I used regular cocoa in place of the dutch process and added an extra 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per the instructions on Joy of Baking, which Nina pointed out to me (thanks Nina!), and the cookies came out wonderfully.  I really like Melissa’s log method of making cookies, especially because it makes it easier to avoid eating two dozen cookies in a week if you freeze some of the dough.  I just chilled the dough in the log form from the get-go, which worked well.  Unfortunately, despite these being called “double dark chocolate CHERRY cookies”, I somehow forgot to add the cherries, which I didn’t realize until the dough was already firmed up.  Yeah, I’m lame, I know.  I thought these cookies might have been a tiny bit on the sweet side, but I think if I’d remembered to add the tart cherries, that would have fixed that problem really quickly.  Since I definitely plan to make these again, I’ll remember next time.

Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies 008

I baked the first log of these on Thursday for about 13 minutes, and they turned out perfectly- crisp on the edges, but nice and soft in the middle.  On Saturday, my lovely friend Britni and I made a batch of lemon cookies (which I’ll try to post later this week), and I baked the last log of this dough.  I took some super fast pictures, then threw everything in a zipper bag and we (me, Britni, and my roommates for next year, Erik and Christian) got in Christian’s truck and drove to Arcola for one of the biggest fireworks shows in Illinois!  It was an absolutely amazing show, and everyone seemed to like the cookies.  Actually, I was wondering if we should bring them with us, and Erik looked at me funny and said “If you don’t bring the chocolate cookies, we won’t be friends anymore”.  I think that sounds like a pretty strong recommendation for these cookies!

Thanks again to Megan for this week’s pick, and to Lorelai for organizing this wonderful group!  To see what everyone else thought of these cookies, check out the SMS blogroll.  I won’t be doing the recipe for next week, as I don’t own an ice cream maker, so next week’s post is a surprise!



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16 responses to “SMS: Double Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookies

  1. Im glad your friends liked the cookies! They look great! I thought this was a nice easy recipe !

  2. Beautiful cookies! I’m too impatient to roll the dough into logs and wait another hour to chill!! 🙂

  3. They look so yummy! I loved these cookies and I’m glad that you enjoyed them too. I made half with cherries and half without and they’re both really good.

  4. even without the cherries… they look yummy! great job 🙂

  5. Your cookies look sooo good! I left the cherries out of mine on purpose but I liked them plain 🙂 Glad they were a hit with your friends.

  6. I purposely left out the cherries – no one here eats them but me – and I thought these were great too!

    My brother just called me, btw, and asked me to bring lemon cookies. What a coincidence! Would you mind sharing the recipe?

  7. Your cookies look perfect and I’m glad they were enjoyed so much! Thanks for the cocoa tip too!

  8. Cookies are perfect anytime!! Sounds like a great fireworks show. The cookies look wonderful.

  9. Your cookies look fantastic! I did add the cherries, and I still thought they were a bit sweet. Though I also thought there could have been more cherries…

  10. I love your photos! Oh, and the cookies too — they’re great!

  11. Your cookies turned out great. I’m glad you and your friends enjoyed them.

  12. Wendy

    Your cookies look fantastic!

  13. Aw, you forgot to add the cherries? I’m glad your friends still liked ’em, plus you can always make the recipe again and add the cherries this time (perfect excuse to make them again!)

  14. hotovenwarmheart

    Hi Jen!

    Great job on the cookies- they came out awesome, and I’m glad you and your friends enjoyed them. That fireworks show sounds amazing, and I’m sure it was even better with such a delicious dessert on hand!

    I’d love for you to stop by my site if you have a chance to take a look at my cookies too! I’m sorry you won’t be making the next SMS recipe, but I hope to talk to you again after the following week’s postings 🙂


  15. Those look great even without the cherries! Can’t wait to see the lemon cookies

  16. Dominique

    I found your page & recipe from a friend of a friend. I was totally intrigued by these cookies and decided to make them today…and they turned out absolutely divine. I used dark chocolate cocoa and dark chocolate chips, and did add the cherries. It was a perfect combo and I think better than regular/lighter cocoa & chips (in order to offset all the sweetness). The next time I make them I’ll add more cherries, probably a rounded 1/2 cup’s worth.

    These got rave reviews! Definitely a keeper.

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