Sweet Melissa Sundays: Bear’s Peach Cobbler

This week, Andrea over at Nummy Kitchen chose Bear’s Peach Cobbler for our SMS bake (we’re baking our way through the Sweet Melissa Baking Book by Melissa Murphy, remember?).  You should drop over and check out Andrea’s site, she has some wonderful pictures and her cobbler looks beautiful!

Unfortunately, I was unable to do this week’s bake.  I mean, seriously, I skipped last week, and now I’m not doing this week?  I feel super lame.  But the cobbler slipped my mind during the week, and by the time I remembered it on Friday, it wasn’t really worth doing it.  See, Tuesday morning my mom and I are flying out to San Francisco, and there was no way the whole thing was going to be eaten by tomorrow morning, and I didn’t want to just end up throwing out.  So I decided to skip it.  I pinkie promise I’ll do next week’s bake, which is being chosen by Melissa Murphy herself (!).  And if anyone has recommendations on where in San Francisco we should go, especially farmer’s markets or restaurants or anything, pretty please let me know?  My mom and I are pretty much going to be planning the week on our flight out, I think, so we’re very open to suggestions!

So, that’s that.  I’m lame.  Check out the rest of the SMS bakers on the blogroll and see what they thought of the cobbler- so far, the concensus seems to be “Yummy!”.  The limit of 50 bakers has also been reached, so signing up has been cut off, but welcome to the new people!

Oh, and my final bit of news, I’m taking the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) tomorrow!  Thank you so much to everyone who’s wished me luck, I really appreciate it!  My family has taken a slightly different approach to being supportive and are placing bets on my final score (the over-and-under is set at 167- aren’t they sweet?).  They’re being nice, I promise, that’s just how my family is- my dad even bet “over”!  Now, to look at some more logic games, and then relax for the day!



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10 responses to “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Bear’s Peach Cobbler

  1. Good luck on your LSAT, and have fun in San Francisco!

  2. Good luck with the LSAT! I took it many years ago and remember the stress. Have a great trip!

  3. Good luck on your LSAT! Last week I completely forgot about SMS until Sunday afternoon so I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Have a safe trip to SF.

  4. Sorry you missed this week, but have fun in San Fran and tons of luck on the LSAT – my guy is studying for the TX Bar as we speak, so I know how stressed you are!! 🙂

  5. Good luck on the LSAT, and have a blast in SF! I haven’t been in years, it’s always so much fun!

  6. good luck with LSATs and have fun in San Fran!

  7. I hope your LSAT goes well. Im sure you’ll do fine. I hope your trip to San Fran is wonderful. Im from that area but that was when I was 0 to 5. I could not tell you where to go except Fishermans Warf..it is the best..good food and cute shops. Try a crab sandwich..I can’t remember the place we ate at but it was up stairs over looking the bay. The sandwich was killer good!

  8. Have a great trip and good look on your LSAT!

  9. Good luck and have fun in SF!!! I live in SoCal so if you are ever in the Disneyland area I can help with places to go.

  10. Hope the LSAT went OK today. And hope you have a blast in SF – I love my city by the bay.

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