The Happiest Place on Earth- For Cake Decorators!

Warning: There is no baking in this post.  I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time right now.  If you don’t want to read, my feelings wont be hurt too much.  Also, I apologize in advance for the odd lighting, it’s an odd sort of place.  I also apologize if you have slower internet and now hate me.

What a terrible thing for me to do!  On Monday I posted that I was going to the happiest place on Earth, and then never got back to you on it!  I did have a sort of good excuse- see, Monday night I drove to my parents’ house, which is usually a two hour drive.  Due to some terrible storms, it took more like three hours.  Then my mom and I went out on Tuesday morning, I drove back to school Tuesday afternoon, and I’ve been studying since then.  So, since I’ve decided to be nice (and I’m starting to burn out on logic games), I give you…

Wilton Tent Sale 001

The Wilton Tent Sale!  Ok, so chances are if you do any baking or cake decorating, you’ve at least heard of Wilton Industries.  They make lots of baking pans, cute muffin liners, etc.  But they’re really well known for their cake decorating tools and classes.  What you probably don’t know is that Wilton is also based out of my hometown (in fact, I think I’d be kind of creeped out if anyone actually did know that).  Their corporate headquarters is actually across the street from my junior high school.  And every other summer (although it used to be every summer), they set up a huge tent in their parking lot and sell pretty much all of their products- for about 50% less than the retail price!

Wilton Tent Sale 003

So there were five aisles this year, and each side of them was jam-packed with boxes of stuff.  The papers hanging from the ceiling list the prices for everything.

Wilton Tent Sale 014

See, it’s huge!  I was probably already about a quarter of the way down this aisle, so this is roughly 3/4 of the length of the tent.

Wilton Tent Sale 005

One of the big things they used to have there was picture frames.  It seems strange, in a way, to think of Wilton doing frames, but they always have.  My mom got frames for my brother and I’s senior portraits here, and was able to get nice frames for all of our relatives too.

Wilton Tent Sale 012

This year, though, they have a lot fewer frames because they added scrapbooking materials.  Most people we talked to didn’t really like that, though.  It was actually the emptiest aisle.

Wilton Tent Sale 013

I would have preferred more frames, I think, but I still thought this was pretty cute.  The pirate costume is actually fabric with tiny little brass buttons!  How adorable!

Wilton Tent Sale 006

Anyway, back to the cooking.  Did you know Wilton produces Mario Batali’s line of cookware, as well as a lot of the lines for Food Network?  I didn’t.  But if you want some of their stuff at a really steep discount, check it out.  They didn’t have any of Rachel Ray’s things, though, probably because they’re actually produced by a different company.

Wilton Tent Sale 008

I got a kick out of this- but it definitely wasn’t something I needed.

Wilton Tent Sale 009

Need any spatulas, whisks, or veggie peelers?  At least, I think that’s what they are- the plastic makes it a bit harder to tell.

Wilton Tent Sale 010

It seems like people were going wild over these cupcake caddies a while ago.  They’re only $10 at the tent sale…

Wilton Tent Sale 016

How about a kitty cookie cutter?  Actually, if you scroll back up to the picture where you can see the length of the tent, all of those boxes are full of cookie cutters.

Wilton Tent Sale 017

I think these are really cute, but I like the ones with the big feet even better.  They’re so goofy!

Wilton Tent Sale 018

Would you like some cupcake liners?  I’m pretty sure that at least down to the woman in blue is all liners.

Wilton Tent Sale 021

My mom got some of these yellow flower liners, and I remember having the baseball ones when we were little.

Wilton Tent Sale 020

If you’re getting ready for a wedding, this is THE place to go.  They have tons of wedding favors, and plenty of trays for layered cakes.  The pillars are right behind me in this picture.

Wilton Tent Sale 024

They had about half a dozen cake toppers when I was there, but this was the only one my camera didn’t get a bad glare off of.

Wilton Tent Sale 025

Now, as far as baking supplies go, how about some vanilla?

Wilton Tent Sale 028

Or gel icing color?  They had about 25 or 30 colors, I would guess.

Wilton Tent Sale 030

And goodness knows you’ll need something with which to pipe all that icing you’ve just colored.

Wilton Tent Sale 029

Fortunately, this is only about half of the boxes of cake tips they had!

Wilton Tent Sale 022

For a little girl, I thought this was a dream come true.  However, then I looked closer, and you just bake two layer cakes and stick a bunch of plastic on.  It kind of ruined it for me.

Wilton Tent Sale 032

Fortunately, this purse cake pan fixed my disappointment really quickly.  I think this was one of my favorite things at the whole tent sale!

Wilton Tent Sale 031

So my mom didn’t understand why I took this picture, but I’m just keepin’ it real!  Remember how I mentioned that they set the tent up in the parking lot?  I wasn’t kidding.  And since it was raining the day we went, there was a lot of water running through the tent trying to find these drains.  Honestly, though, I preferred the cold over the years we’ve gone and it was sweltering and people were almost fainting.  I also preferred it over the year I had a sprained ankle and didn’t use crutches…

Wilton Tent Sale 040

An hour and 45 minutes later, we had this!  My mom determined that all of my rediculous cooking/baking stuff can be my birthday present, which I’m definitely ok with (no, that’s not all mine, though)!

If you’re in the Chicago/suburbs area, the tent sale will be running until June 16th.  Heck, if you’re not in the area but want to make a trip, there’s usually people from all over the Midwest there!  Wilton’s website has a section with tent sale information.  And if you know anyone getting married or who just really enjoys cake decorating, I would really recommend they check it out.  If you go on a weekend, though, be prepared to wait an hour or two to check out!

Note: I don’t work for Wilton (although I almost did one summer).  No one in my family works for Wilton.  Wilton has no idea who I am.  This isn’t some strange Wilton-sponsored post.  I just love the tent sale.



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6 responses to “The Happiest Place on Earth- For Cake Decorators!

  1. I am drooling, sooo jealous.

  2. Maureen

    Hubby and I came down from the burbs by Arlington Park race Track and bought some vanilla and the cupcake carrier and well some more items. Today was a good day for it. Not too crowded although it was early on a Saturday.

  3. They have tent sales!? Woah, I’ll bet that was fun!

  4. Man, that is awesome! I think I would have bought every last piece up!

    Katie xox

  5. Sara

    Cool to see photos of this since I’ve heard your mom talk about it so much. I’m just wondering what we would ever buy you…if…you get married!!??? You’ll have everything! Your favorite uncle probably would not allow me to go to that sale because I would come home with way more than I really need!

  6. we both have those traditional picture frames and digital picture frames at home. both are great for displaying family pictures .’.

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