Sweet Melissa Sundays: Granola Breakfast Cookies


Earlier this week, as I was thinking that I should actually do something with this blog I’ve started, I remembered seeing several bloggers make a rediculously indulgent chocolate cake, then some very pretty apple turnovers with ricotta cheese in the filling.  I’d been thinking about that cake on and off for a while, and decided to do some research.  I found… the Sweet Melissa Sundays group.

Basically, they’re working to bake their way through the Sweet Melissa Baking Book by Melissa Murphy.  After looking through the recipes in the book, I emailed Lorelai at Mermaid Sweets, and for some reason she was cool enough to let me join the group!  I was even assigned a week to pick the recipe!  I felt just about as excited as I was in fifth grade when I got a part in the school play right after moving from Illinois to Ohio.  Never mind that everyone who auditioned got a part.  And that everyone in the group has an assigned week.  I still felt cool.  I’m easily amused like that.


But anyway, this week Jessica, from A Singleton in the Kitchen, chose Granola Breakfast cookies.  Technically, we were supposed to make the granola, but that wasn’t going to happen this week.  It’s been way too nice outside to run the oven for two hours cooking granola.  Don’t worry, the granola will be made as a recipe later, I’m not completely ditching my responsibilities in my first post.  I also managed to find a granola at my grocery store that had everything I needed except dried cherries, and those were easy enough to add.


Before I get to the cookies, though, I really have to thank Michele from Veggie Num Nums, who emailed me not only this recipe, but also the granola recipe and next week’s recipe.  I’ve ordered my book, but it hasn’t arrived yet.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this recipe if Michele hadn’t helped me so much!  Thank you!!!


I was initially wary of these cookies, as they have a fair amount of molasses in them.  I’ve always thought molasses had such a strong, noxious smell that I’ve avoided it.  I found a molasses specifically labeled “mild flavor”, and decided to go with that.  The verdict: these were really yummy cookies.  They were pretty spicy, not a surprise given the molasses and that I added some of the spices we were supposed to use in the granola, since they didn’t seem to be in the store-bought version.  The tartness of the dried cherries was a great contrast.  I felt like the cookies could’ve used a bit more granola, as it wasn’t too prominent.  As far as appearances go, though, these won’t be winning any beauty pagents.  They didn’t spread much, and kept the haphazard shapes I’d put them on the pan.  Instead of spreading, they got really tall.  They kind of look like lumps.  Their taste definitely makes up for their appearances, though.  Overall, I thought they were a success for my first SMS recipe.

Check out the Sweet Melissa blogroll and see all of the other bakers’ thoughts on these fantastic cookies!



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8 responses to “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Granola Breakfast Cookies

  1. Well – congrats on your first recipe with SMS! Glad you joined the ride – it’s going to be a sweet one!

    Cookies look great – and like you, I’m glad that the molasses wasn’t too strong.

  2. Great looking cookies. Welcome and nice work on your first recipe for SMS. Im glad your a part of this fun group!

  3. Welcome to the club & Happy Baking! Congrats on your first bake.

  4. Welcome to the group! Glad you enjoyed the cookies!

  5. Welcome to SMS! Your cookies look like they turned out great and I’m glad you liked them. I didn’t have time to make the granola either.

  6. Great job on your first week! I agree that the cookies could use a bit more granola. It seemed to disappear!

  7. Welcome, so glad you found us and sorry I have been so lax in responding – busy crazy week last week. Look forward to baking with you and you are special!

  8. Congrats on your first SMS post! Sorry I missed it when you posted. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me over here 🙂 Glad you are baking with us and that you enjoyed the cookies!

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